5 point checklist before moving into your new house

Do the paper work with a hawk’s eye

The house is technically not yours if you don’t have all the important legal documents in place. It is your duty to verify each and every document. They must be duly signed and stamped, wherever required. Here are some crucial papers you should have to your name:

  • Possession Letter
  • Blue Print
  • No Objection Certificate
  • Development Agreement
  • Power of Attorney
  • Commencement Certificate
  • Search Report of the Builder’s Advocate
  • Receipts of payments made to the builder
  • Letter of allotment
  • Confirmation on property registration with local authority.

Not just another brick on the wall

Before taking possession, examine all the walls closely. Cracks, damp patches, leakage, peeling paint or any kind of chipping must be brought to the notice at the earliest.

Fix it

In case of ready to live in house that are furnished to the T, a huge chunk of the price that you pay covers the fittings and fixtures like taps, faucets and bathroom fittings. Just ensure that they are in working conditions. Problems like leakage in piping, faulty fittings and defective wiring should be fixed.

Sparks flying?

Safety is paramount. You must ensure that the electrical wiring is in order. Starting from the sockets and plugs to the main fuse, meter and inverter. Don’t settle for any electrical fitting that is inferior to the standards promised. Also, check if the miniature circuit breaker (MCB), an expensive equipment, is of good quality because it is important for your safety.

Knock Knock

Open and shut. And repeat. Do it all over again till you are sure that all the doors and windows are working smooth. Also ensure that the locks are secure and you have all the sets of original keys and their warranty details.